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Garage Epoxy Flooring Services in Surrey, New Westminster, Burnaby, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Langley & Vancouver, BC Canada

Garage epoxy flooring is a wonderful way to make your garage look put together.  While most of us might think that having your garage floor done wouldn't make much of a difference, you really need to see some before and after pictures.  We can make the garage floor look amazing in just about any color as well.  If you have a garage that has ugly concrete, maybe it is stained or perhaps you just want to brighten up and have a nice clean slate, you should look into garage epoxy flooring.

Garage epoxy flooring does not paint.  Well, it is sort of but isn't like you would think of like paint. It comes in two parts, as with any epoxy really and it is permanent.  This means that you do this once and done. It is super durable and will last a lifetime.  While other paints will fade and peel, epoxy is different.  Yes, it is a paint of sorts but it nothing like conventional paints, and most people have never used epoxy paint in their life.

While painting your garage floor with epoxy paint will leave behind a very stunning finish, that isn't the only reason that you should consider it.  Epoxy paint also makes the garage floor super easy to clean and doesn't stain from the various fluids that might leak onto the floor from your automobiles.

The different levels of Epoxy paint

There are different levels of epoxy paint that should be considered. Yes, as with anything there are differences between the types of epoxy out there.  While you might want to not take our word for it, go ahead and do some research.  We would recommend Aliphatic 100% solid epoxy paint.  This is generally more expensive but so worth it and it will leave a stunning finish. Remember, this is going to last a long time, wouldn't you like to have it done right?

Other epoxies that are less expensive are not 100%.  As this percentage goes down, you will see the quality of the epoxy finish decreasing as well. This is because the lower percentage will have a solvent that will evaporate away and leave behind only the solids. While these can be used for base coats they should never be used for a topcoat.

Epoxy flooring is impervious to road salts, vehicle fluids, mold and mildew, and hot tires. It also is known to not start to yellow as you might have seen in early resins.  Cycloaliphatic epoxies are the epoxies that are known to yellow and should be avoided for garage applications.

Basecoat for garage floors with lots of blemishes

If your garage floor has a lot of cosmetic blemishes that you might want to consider a base coat.  This will fill in the cracks and give the area a nice even surface for the epoxy to adhere to.

Think of epoxy as gelatin, you will pour it on and it will seep everywhere before it "sets".  Once set, you're done.  However, if you use poor grade epoxy hot tires could cause it to start to lift and separate from the floor.  Be sure that you do your research on which epoxy is best or speak to the professionals like up.

While some homeowners want to do their epoxy flooring on their own, many look for professionals.  They start to do their research and quickly learn how permanent this can be and if done wrong can be a complete mess.  Save yourself the stress of having a garage floor mess up and give us a call.

If you are tired of your flooring looking dark and dirty then it is time to looking at epoxy garage flooring.  This type of flooring can transform your garage and have it looking amazing in no time.  There is very little that will be needed from you when you hire professionals.

Who clears the garage?

The main thing to keep in mind when you hire someone is if you want them to clear out the garage or you?  Many homeowners would rather clear their own garage as there are no promises that things will be put back the way they were.  However, if you only have a few things and you don't really care about this, then let the epoxy professionals know so they can include the extra services in your quote.

You want your epoxy flooring to be thick enough to withstand everything. Another great feature is that it is super easy to wipe up spills.  In fact, many compare it to a Teflon pan.  It is very slick like that but not slick to walk or drive on.

Why not just paint the garage floor?

There really are not paints out there that can even compare to epoxy flooring.  In fact, most paints are made for walls and ceilings where there is little to no traffic.  The traffic that your garage will get both, foot and tires is a lot more than your dining room wall will ever see. So, why would you even consider using the same product?  You want your garage floor to look and feel amazing, then you need to call an epoxy installation professional.

A little about our other services

Whether you need some painting done, external or internal or you are looking to get your garage flooring looking beautiful, we are here to help.  Quit wasting your time doing home improvement projects and take the time to enjoy life by giving us a call.  We offer many home improvement services that assist homeowners when they are overwhelmed.  We offer:

Let us take something off of your plate and help you find more time for your family and friends.  Remember, we do this day in and day out and are professionals, which means we can do much of this in far less time than those that don't do it every day.  We want to help.  We understand that our lives seem to get super busy and it is impossible to get everything done on your own.  Call today 778-554-4174

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